You help us bank underserved communities

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Every time you use your debit card, Motiv earns a commission from Visa®. We pay it forward by using a portion of these commissions to provide free financial services to communities that have been overlooked by banks.

There's no hidden or extra cost to you, and you can use your Motiv account as much as you’d like. When you do, your purchases will have a positive impact in the community.

Why We Do This

Measuring The Impact


The estimated annual saving from eliminating check-cashing and money order fees for a customer who joins Motiv via a non-profit.

That covers two weeks of groceries


The estimated credit score improvement for a customer who joins from a non-profit and uses the free credit-building loan.

This lowers the cost of borrowing


The expected reduction in interest payments on loans for a customer who establishes their first credit score through Motiv.

This means lower debt payments

Bank it forward

Make your bank account a force for good.