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We think that you should be able to build your credit score, without going into debt. Our savings plans are a simple way to strengthen your emergency savings and your credit profile all at once. And the best part; they’re free for active account holders.

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How it works

Motiv's credit building plan helps you strengthen your credit score and build savings at the same time.

Commit to save.

How much do you want to save over the next year? How much do you want to save each month? Pick your savings targets, and we’ll set up what’s called a secured loan. Instead of getting money upfront, we put an amount equal to your twelve month savings goal into a separate, credit-building account. You begin to save towards this balance every month.


Stick with it.

Every month for twelve months, we'll automatically transfer your monthly savings payment from you core Motiv account into your credit-building account. We report each transfer to the credit bureaus, which builds your credit profile as your savings grow.


See the results.

At the end of twelve months, you've paid off the secured loan. We transfer your the total savings back to your core Motiv account, reporting the secured loan to the credit bureaus as repaid in full. You'll have strengthened your credit score and built a savings cushion.

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Get Started

Our credit-building savings plan costs $5 per month, but we waive the fee whenever you spend $750 or more that month on your Motiv Visa® debit card. Let us know if you're struggling to meet that spending threshold, and we'll find a way to help you out.


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