Easy Ways To Clean Up Your Credit

Although building your credit score can seem expensive or daunting, a secured loan is a simple way to build your score, and your savings, without going into debt. 

On the path to a better credit score, here’s some tips to get your credit profile into tip top shape.

Correct credit report errors. Did you know you can get your credit report for free? Check out the main credit bureaus for your report. Take a look to see if there are any errors on your report, like missing or wrong information. Take action by sending a letter to the credit bureaus and asking them to fix any mistakes.

Limit how many new credit cards you get. It can seem tempting to get multiple credit cards, but make sure you’re getting them for the right reasons. When you open a new credit card, your score will take a dip, and opening several in succession can be a red flag. If you’re going to open multiple cards, space them out over several months or even a year, and be sure to pay them off in full every month.

Pay down debt. Bringing down your debt to income ratio is one of the key factors in having a higher score. Start by paying down debt with high interest and keep chipping away at it!

Keep building.  Maintaining your credit score is like staying in shape, you have to keep working on it to see positive results. Maintain your credit requires regular attention. Implement the tips above to strengthen your credit score.